Reichwein China Consult (Beijing) Co. Ltd.

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Reichwein China Consult (Beijing) Co. Ltd.

Reichwein China Consult (BeijingCo. Ltd. - established in 2006 in Beijing, is an independent consultancy boutique firm serving foreign investors in China who want optimised corporate performance.


Our services focus on:


1. Company formation; 

2. Board of directors and higher management;

3. Negotiations, dispute resolution, conflict management;

4. Monitoring and assessments;

5. Interim or gap management;

6. Corporate Social Credit Score.


Informed - Independent - Neutral

Reichwein China Consult provides you with the expertise and confidence to overcome  non-commercial barriers that undermine the corporate profitability and sustainability.

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Non-profit and NGOs in China

From January 1st 2017 the new law regarding the registration of activities of foreign non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in China has become effective.