Reichwein China Consult (Beijing) Co. Ltd.

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Advisory Services 

Reichwein China Consult advises higher management and board of directors - the backbone of the company, who are responsible for realising sustainable high performance and building social capital.


The main non-commercial barriers in developing a long-term successful company or organisation in China are:

1. Lack of legal transparency;
2. Bureaucracy and government relations;
3. Changing demands concerning compliance;

4. Inability to sufficiently monitor and assess performance.


Management & Board Performance

- Duties and responsibilities;

- Information asymmetry;

- Optimising social capital.


Corporate Control, Compliance & Governance
  1. - Shareholding and voting rights;
  2. - Contracts;
  3. - Management and license agreements;
  4. - Promises / pledges;
  5. - Decision-making structures;
  6. - Office manuals.

Non-profit and NGOs Sector

Foreign engagement in the non-profit and NGO sector in China is strictly regulated. Reichwein China Consult advises on the relevant current rules and regulations.

Unlock Business Value

This program is dedicated to unlocking business value. It is built together with the customer to guarantee competitive advantages when operating in China.