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Conflict Management & Dispute Resolution Services

Business in China offers unprecedented opportunities. However, it may inadvertently become complicated, and what was built on trust may take an unexpected twist.


Corporate conflicts and disputes can be costly and time-consuming. There are several options of conventional and alternative dispute resolution mechanisms in China and/or abroad.


Litigation and arbitration are the conventional binding adjudication mechanisms. Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) mechanisms are mediation, neutral evaluation, facilitated negotiation, conciliation, fact-finding or a combination of all above. 


Different mechanisms apply to different situations. It pays to be informed and prepared.


M.A.C. Reichwein

Marieke is an independent, neutral advisor and mediator proficient in the Dutch, English and Chinese languages. 


She specializes in International Commercial Dispute Resolution (Master of Laws, University of London; Master of Arts - Sinology, University of Leiden).

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Case studies

- Crises of confidence

- Ambigious performance standards

- Working conditions

- Exit packages

- Partnership disputes