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Formation & Governance

1. WFOE / Joint-Venture / Representative Office / M&A

- Relevant national and international laws

- Relevant local rules and regulations

- Documents design (bilingual)

- Registration procedures

- Corporate decision-making structures

- Location scouting services. 


From 800 Euro



Advisory Services

Management & Board Performance

- Duties and responsibilities

- Information asymmetry

- Optimising social capital


Corporate Control, Compliance & Governance
  1. - Shareholding and voting rights
  2. - Contracts
  3. - Management and license agreements
  4. - Promises / pledges
  5. - Social Credit Score
  6. - Decision-making structures



- Trademarks in Chinese characters

- Investigation availablity of trademarks


From 220 Euro



Monitoring & Assessments

Quotations on request

Conflict Management & Dispute Resolution

1. Resolution Ready (available options, mechanisms and effectiveness)

2. Negotiating Services

3. Dispute Resolution Services (mediation, neutral evaluation, facilitated negotiation, concilliation, fact-finding or a combination of all above)


Quotations on request

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