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Marieke Reichwein

Marieke Reichwein specializes in International Commercial Dispute Resolution (Master of Laws, University of London; Master of Arts - Sinology, University of Leiden). She is an independent, neutral advisor and negotiator proficient in the Dutch, English and Chinese languages. 


In 1993 she established China Consult in Amsterdam, followed by a representative office in Beijing in 1998, and Reichwein China Consult (Beijing) Co. Ltd. in 2006. The company China Consult has assisted dozens of foreign investors establishing and expanding their business in China.


With nearly forty years of experience in China, she knows the dynamics of doing business, and how to build social capital as the basis of successful businesses. She has worked for 10 years as an independent advisor for RVO (aka Agentschap NL, SenterNovem) evaluating proposals for co-operation projects in the field of innovation and technology. Moreover, she conducts monitoring missions of EU financed projects in Asia on behalf of Landell Mills Ltd.   


She is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (MCIArb), East-Asia Branch.



References (alphabetic order)

Hereby a number of references of companies who have co-operated with Reichwein China Consult establishing a legal entity or representative office in China.


For-profit entities: Anthura (WFOE, Kunming), Ball (WFOE, Kunming), Aspecto (WFOE, Shanghai), Beconnected (FICE, Shanghai), DVP (WFOE, Shanghai), e-Traction (representative office, Shanghai; WFOE, Hubei), Blankestijn Lock Industry Science & Technology Development Co. Ltd. (WFOE, Jiayuguan, Gansu), Gavekal Fathom China (WFOE, Beijing), GTA (representative offices, Beijing & Shanghai), Hitmetal (JV, Shanghai), HRC (WFOE, Beijing), Incotec (FICE, Beijing), Jinjiang Gideon Trade Consulting (WFOE, Xiamen, Fujian), Koppert (WFOE, Beijing), KWS R&D (WFOE, Hefei, Anhui), KWS (JV, Beijing/Harbin, Heilongjiang), Luan (WFOE, Beijing), MFK Exhibitions Consulting (WFOE, Shanghai), Omega Visser (representative office, Suzhou, Jiangsu), Retsch-Verder (FICE, Shanghai), Teesing (representative office, WFOE, Beijing), Tema (representative office, Beijing), Van Dam Machines (WFOE, Suzhou, Jiangsu), WBM Business Consulting (WFOE, Beijing).


Non-profit entities: Les Enfants de Madaifu (foreign NGO, representative office, Tianshui), Netherlands Business Support Offices (foreign NGO, representative offices, Dalian, Jinan, Qingdao, Nanjing, Wuhan, Chengdu), Solidaridad and RNW Media.


Hereby a number of references of companies who have co-operated with Reichwein China Consult for monitoring, evaluations or assessments:RVO (aka SenterNovem, Agentschap NL, EVD), Ecorys Co. Ltd. and Landell Mills Ltd. (EU co-operation projects in Asia, Results Oriented Monitoring).


Further references are available based on confidentiality.




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